Canada Visa Application: 100% Working Guide

Getting to this blog post indicates you are seeking the easiest way to migrate to Canada. In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Canada Visa applications and how to have a successful application.

There are numerous opportunities and a better life that awaits every immigrant in Canada. It will interest you to know, Canada has the following.

  • Super skilled workforce
  • Friendly immigration policy
  • A good living standard
  • One of the best economies in the world

Furthermore, Canada’s immigration policies are very flexible; nevertheless, if you are clueless about applying, your application may bounce or get delayed.

The only thing that can give you access to enter Canada is a Canadian visa, for, without it, you won’t be able to enter Canada.

Types Of Canadian Visa

There are different types of Canadian visas, and you need to choose one that matches your purpose of migrating to Canada if you want to have a successful application.

Canada Visa Application: 100% Working Guide

Majorly, there are two visa types that are provided by the Canadian government, which are.

  • Permanent residence Visa
  • Temporary residence visa

Temporary Residence Visa

This is only meant for foreigners who don’t want to stay in Canada for long, but for a short period, there are various types of visas, which you can find under this category, such as:

  • Diplomatic visa
  • Student Visa
  • Businessperson and business delegation visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Intending organ donor visa.

It will be interesting that temporary residence visas either be multiple entry or single entry.

The multiple-entry will allow you to stay in Canada for up to 6months-10 years.

With a single entry, you won’t be able to stay in Canada for more than six months.

Who Can Apply For Canadian Visa?

You will be eligible to apply for a Canadian visa if you meet the criteria below.

  • You have the funds to get yourself taken care of throughout your stay in Canada
  • You are ready to honor your obligation and can convince the immigration officer that you will do so.
  • You won’t violate any Canadian policy.

What Are The Requirements For Canadian Visa?

This is a question many people who want to migrate to Canada frequently ask.

The below are the requirements to migrate to Canada.

  • You need to fill in your information on the IRCC website
  • You need to provide two passport Photograph
  • You need to submit your passport (Submitted passport, should be a valid copy)
  • You must provide proof of funds to get yourself taken care of in Canada
  • You must provide your French or English language proficiency test result
  • You must provide a medical history of your health status
  • You may need to submit your biometric.

What Is The Processing time For Canadian Visa?

There is no exact timeframe as to when your Canadian visa will get processed. Nevertheless, if you want a fast visa, you should apply for the express entry program; it typically takes six months for your visa to get processed via the program.

Where Can You Apply For Canadian Visa?

A valid question we believe would have been ringing in your heart ever since you started reading this blog post is where you can apply for a Canadian visa.

There are only two ways by which you can apply for a Canadian visa, and they are both online applications.

The first one is via the Global Visa Application Centre, which is available in the Canadian embassy in your home country.

And the second is via the IRCC official website.

Submitting Your Passport

When you have begun your visa application processing, you will be requested to submit your passport. Endeavor to submit it alongside the request letter given to you by the Canada visa application center in your home country.

We will wish you good luck in getting a Canadian visa.

If there are any questions you would like to ask about your Canadian visa application, kindly drop them in the comment box.

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